Shine On Award :

What an exciting day for and me!!! We get our first blogging award, the Shine On Award 🙂 My blog reflects my passion for cooking and my desire to share recipes from my heart with as many people as I can reach. It’s a great feeling to know that my very young blog(almost 4 months old) is appreciated by my fellow bloggers and readers. This award has renewed my strength to work harder and make my blog even better. Huge thanks to Shobhnaa at Shobhnaa Femmehavenn, for nominating me for this award. She has a wonderful blog that I love to visit and revisit for Authentic Indian recipes, especially desserts, and very interesting fashion updates.

Rules: Nominate 15 other blogs, who in turn can post this award on their own sites and nominate others for the award. Also list a few other blogs that tickle your fancy. So, here goes my 15 nominations for The Shine On Award.

Karin Frauenfeld

Abderazzaq Noor

Jodi Stewart

Welcome to Know Gluten!

Amallia Eka Widyastuti

Padmaja Vasireddy

Hassan Gharib

Babitha Costa

Sanjivni Yatin


Radhika Subramanian

Ruth Ann

Sitara Manzoor

Shweet “Aara’s” Spicess

Soufflé Bombay

Shy Foodie

few other blogs that inspire me with their creativity and versatility :

Cropped Stories

Jeanette Chen

Loretta Sebastiani

Azlin Bloor

12 Replies to “Shine On Award”

  1. I am so very highly impressed from everything that you have done yet. I just wen through the whole blog properly and i loved everything about it. the layout, recipes and everything else is so very well displayed. Thumbs up ! makes me feel so proud …. It feels really good to have such female food bloggers who works so professionally and up to the mark.

    1. A million thanks dear Marjan! 🙂 Not only it’s a great pleasure to meet a fellow blogger from my own country but also your words are very reassuring for me! It has not been an easy journey but every moment that I have spent pursuing my passion and making new friends all over the globe was worth it’s while 🙂 Will definitely stay in touch with you!
      Love n hugs!

  2. Hallo Maria, Thank you so much for nominating me! I love your blog and I’ll nominated other bloggers on my post. Amallia

  3. Happy, Happy and Happy. Thanks so much Maria for seeing some potential in my blog. I will be a big time follower for your blog…loved all your recipes.

  4. Maria! Thanks so much for nominating me. I love your blog and your new kids series. Very fun recipes that I’m sure my kids will love making. Thanks for your friendship on G+ 🙂

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