35153173-3bd5-4def-9f3a-333129d2eecbFoodaholic is a blog that’s a complete package of tried and tested recipes, helpful tips, food facts and interesting quotes. In short its a complete food magazine. Recently we received our first blog award: The Shine On Award.

Formerly, I was an English language and literature teacher. My husband and daughters are my inspiration for cooking, they love to eat and I love to cook. To me cooking is an expression of love, generosity and warmth. If I’m cooking I’m happy πŸ˜€ Besides cooking, I paint and read.
I’m a hands on mom, raised two happy, healthy daughters. I’ve handled parties for over fifty people at home singlehandedly and recently started my own catering business.

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    1. Thank you so much,Ravi!It was a difficult month and a half but I’m relieved the nightmare is over. There are still a few design issues but we are working on them.

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