A selection of 5 Pakistani dishes everyone can make brings the cuisine from the region to your table in no time even if you are a beginner.

  • 5 recipes of Pakistani dishes you can’t fail making
  • special section on spices: Variety, storage and usage
  • family recipe of Garam Masala – Pakistani spice mix

About This Book:

In my kitchen, I cook everything from fusion food to recipes from around the world. My real passion, however, is to record and spread around authentic, home cooked Pakistani recipes and share some of the stories behind them, stories that lend a soul to those dishes.

This particular selection of 5 Pakistani dishes everyone can make is an endeavor to make the cuisine from this region an enjoyable and doable experience even for beginners. All recipes in this book are healthy, hearty, uncomplicated meals that can be incorporated into everyday cooking.

A special section is included on unveiling the mystery behind spices and tips and tricks to get the best results. At the end, I’m sharing my family recipe for Garam Masala – a blend of ground spices used in many dishes of South Asia.

Product Details:

Genre: Cookbook
Format: EBook (.epub, .pdf)
Pages: 25
Language: English
Author: Maria Nasir
Publisher: Gill Andrews
First edition: June 2014