We were introduced to this delicious dish two years ago in the beautiful Hunza valley. Chap Shoro (also popularly known as Hunza pie) is a rustic, hearty and yummy dish with a melodious name and irresistible aroma. It’s a simple and straightforward preparation of cooked minced meat stuffed and sealed between two whole wheat flatbreads, and then cooked over a skillet.

What makes this simple pie so special is the fact that it is an easy-to-please-all sort of recipe, filling and quite handy to eat if you are travelling. The interesting thing is that you will find it in different price range at different places – from 50 pkr on roadside stalls to 1200 pkr in highend cafes and restaurants.

At roadside eateries you’ll still find it in it’s original form – made with a mix of cornmeal and whole wheat flours, stuffed with beef mince and cooked in animal fat. In local homes even yak meat mince is also stuffed in Chap Shoro and the cooked pie is brushed with apricot oil or apricot oil is served on the side as a dip.

In more posh eateries, you will find Chap Shoro made with chicken mince or even vegetarian version with just tomatoes and onions or spinach and yogurt cheese to cater to the tastes of tourists visiting the valley.

We fell so much in love with this hearty pie that we tried it from different places during our stay. The wonderful ladies running the restaurant at Baltit fort were so gracious that on my request they gave me the recipe for Chap Shoro. In fact, they made sure I understood the entire procedure properly.

Ofcourse on coming back home this was one of the first thing I tried making in my own kitchen. Here I’m sharing the recipe in complete honesty as it was given to me by my lovely hostess.

2 cups whole wheat flour
A pinch salt
Water to knead the dough
1/4 kg chicken,lamb or beef mince
1 small onion (half cup chopped)
2 medium tomatoes (3/4 cup chopped)
2 cloves garlic
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon ground red chilli pepper or cayenne

This Is What You Do:
Mix flour and salt in a big bowl. Make a well in the centre. Add water gradually and keep mixing with flour.

When all the flour comes together, start kneading the dough. Knead for 5-7 minutes or till the dough is firm. Cover and set aside while you cook the minced meat.

Add oil to a deep pan. Add onions and saute over medium heat till the onions are golden.

Add chopped garlic and diced tomatoes. Add the dry spices and salt. Fry the ingredients together for a couple of minutes.

Add minced meat. Keep frying another couple of minutes. Add 1/4 cup water for chicken, 1/2 to 3/4 cup for mutton and beef. Cover the pan, reduce hear to medium low.

Cook till the minced meat is cooked and liquid completely evaporated. The cooked mince should be quite dry. We dont want any liquids making the pie soggy or dripping when you bite into it.

Let the mimce cool a little while you roll out the dough for the pie.

Divide the dough into equal sized four balls. Lightly flour a work top, roll out each dough ball into a 6-7 imch round.

Wet the edges of each roumd. Divide mimce into two portions. Spread over two dough roumds, leavimg 1/2 inch of edges uncovered.

Place the other two dough rounds over mince covered rounds. Press with your fingers or fork to seal the edges together or if you are more confident handling the dough, fold the edge inwards to make a nice pie like edge.

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Lightly grease it with apricot or olive oil or butter. Place one pie over it gently. Cover with a lid. Cook for 3-4 minutes or till the bottom side is cooked.

Flip, cover and cook another 3-4 minutes. Repeat the same process with the other pie.

Serve warm sliced or whole with apricot or olive oil or yogury dip on the side.

Serves 4

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