Yogurt based sweet and savoury dishes are always big on our summer menu. After all, what we have here in Lahore is not an idyllic summer with light breeze and smiling sun but a steaming, scorching, melting inferno that goes up to 49 degrees Celsius. Yogurt, fresh fruits, lemony flavours go a long way in fighting that kind of heat. Cold, creamy and refreshing become my three favourite words in the hot and humid season.

I make frozen yogurts and yogurt gelato a lot during hot months. In fact, we usually skip dinner and just enjoy a big bowl of cool sweetness with fruit and yogurt goodness.
It’s as much fun as eating ice cream for dinner but with a lot less guilt.

I make this dessert with any available summer fruit but mango frozen yogurt is my family’s favourite flavour. Not just mango, we give it a complete tropical twist with mangoes, bananas, ginger and lemon for a lip smacking tang. This kick from ginger and lemon really help pick up the flavours. Without them the dessert would be just bland sweetness.

I make frozen yogurt without an ice cream or gelato machine. Making it is simple and easy but a bit tricky like this. You need to take care that the yogurt is really thick. If there is too much water in the yogurt, it will freeze and crystallise in the frozen yogurt which you don’t want. If you don’t have Greek yogurt/Labne or Indian style thick yogurt that’s used to make Shrikhand, then make your own easily by straining some yogurt through a muslin cloth for several hours or overnight.

I also add bananas to all my frozen yogurt desserts as base ingredient because they help keep the texture creamy without having to add any heavy cream and they are source of natural sweetness.

This lemon ginger mango frozen yogurt is mildly sweet and sour, if you want to make yours sweeter, you can drizzle a little honey on top. Don’t forget to sprinkle some toasted nuts or coconut on top for a finish with a panache.


5 ripe bananas
2 big mangoes
1 tablespoon grated ginger
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cups thick/Greek yogurt
A few drops vanilla essence
Honey to drizzle (optional)
Toasted almonds or grated coconut to sprinkle

This Is What You Do:

Peel and cut mangoes and bananas into big chunks. Add ginger and lemon juice. Place them in a freeze able container with an air tight lid. Freeze for 4 hours or till completely frozen.

Freeze yogurt in an air tight container for an hour before serving.

Puree frozen bananas, mangoes along with ginger bits and lemon juice in a food processor (not blender) till smooth and creamy. Add semi frozen yogurt and vanilla. Whiz again briefly to mix.

Scoop out into serving bowls. Drizzle with honey or your favourite topping. Sprinkle toasted almonds or coconut.

Serve immediately.

Freeze any left overs again in an airtight container. Thaw for five minutes before using again.

Serves 4

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    1. Thank you Shubha! 😊 it seemed to be the easiest way to make frozen yogurt without ice cream machine. The yogurt has to be really thick though.
      Hope you and family will enjoy 😘

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