I hope my friends, who are allergic to gluten but like to eat fish and chicken with crispy coating, will find these tips helpful.Instead of corn flour, you can use rice flour (which is gluten free) to coat a piece of fish or chicken, then dip it in beaten egg and again coat with either rice flour or crushed oatmeal. The oatmeal shouldn’t be the instant type and check the label before buying so that its completely gluten free and not cross contaminated. Another good and safe substitute is gram flour, which is called chick-pea flour or besan. It’s completely gluten free and has been used as a coating for fried food in India and Pakistan for ages. Make a paste by mixing gram flour, salt and chilli powder with water and dip the chicken or fish into it and fry.
Besides these coatings you can use chicken and fish with skin. Pat the piece of fish/chicken dry, sear it in a pan with little amount of hot oil till the skin gets crisp, lower the heat so that it gets cooked from inside as well.

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