“Oh, herbaceous treat!; ” Twould
Tempt the dying anchorite to eat;
Back to the world he”d turn his
fleeting soul, And plunge his fingers
in the salad bowl; Serenly full the
epicure would say, “Fate cannot
harm me,.. I have dined to-day” “.
– Sydney Smith

This recipe for leftover pasta salad comes as a life saver, specially when you are tired after throwing a big dinner a night before.

You made pasta last night…but nobody is in a mood for pasta today 🙁 don”t worry ! We can change it into a yummy salad in minutes 🙂 it is an excellent side for steaks, kebabs, fried or baked fish and other meat main courses. Let’s not waste food when a vast percentage of population goes to bed without eating. Let’s put some love and joy into last night’s pasta and eat it with pleasure. Let’s respect food!

For Leftover Pasta Salad:

1 cup cooked pasta (I used Penne, any shape will do)
1/2 cup iceberg lettuce leaves, roughly broken by hand
1 cup tinned pineapple, cut into bite size pieces
1/2 cup cooked chicken, shredded (any left over, boiled or grilled would do)
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 teaspoon mustard paste
2 teaspoon honey
2 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons cream ( or for a low calorie option plain yogurt)
Ground pepper to taste

This Is What You Do :

Toss pasta, pineapple, chicken, iceberg leaves together into a big bowl. In a separate bowl mix mayonnaise , lemon juice, honey, mustard cream or yogurt and pepper, mix together. Drizzle over salad and serve immediately. Don”t mix the dressing a long time before serving because it will make vegetables wilt and the salad kind of soupy.

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