Summer break is here and Foodaholic has decided to involve kids in its culinary adventures, we are embarking on this new journey of Cooking with Kids for next 10 weeks. We shall be cooking very simple and easy recipes that kids can handle on their own. Safety measures are a priority, so please check the following safety measures while the kids are in the kitchen cooking with you.

1- wash hands
2- make them wear comfortable cotton clothes or materials that are not easily inflammable.
3-Tie hair, pull up sleeves
4-wear apron and use thick pot holders and oven mittens where necessary.
5-don’t let them use sharp, metal cutlery.
6-use middle or back burners on the stove.
7-help carrying around hot liquids and putting stuff inside the oven.
8-keep pan handles turned away so less chances of accidents.
9- don’t taste foods with raw eggs, flour or meat ingredients till they are cooked thoroughly.
10-adult supervision at all times is a must.

After you have taken care of all this, just have fun cooking together…you’ll be making memories with them, not just food 🙂

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