Be it Super bowl, Cricket World Cup or Olympics, food stays at the centre of all sports events to double the fun of watching from your living room with friends and family. For each nail-biting-finish we need some yummy snack in hand to munch on (to actually avoid nibbling on nails).

It’s become kind of a cliche to serve meaty food on game day, the meatier the better. But what about your guests who prefer vegetarian food? You would be pleasantly surprised to know there are plenty of vegetarian dishes that are equally satisfying even for the most meaty loving among us.

From creamy dips to crunchy finger food to sinful sweet temptations, here is a hand picked list of vegetarian easy game day snacks. These delicious recipes will satisfy your palate and won’t make you slave in the kitchen and miss the game.

Tomato Raisin Dip
Rich, tangy and sweet that gives a flavour boost to almost any food.

Layered Chutney Dip
Salty, spicy, sour and creamy but completely guilt-free, made only with the most delicious, nutritious, fresh ingredients possible.

Roasted Carrot Hummus
Creamy, comforting, dippable, spreadable, uber delicious and super healthy.

Potato Cheese Cutlet
Crispy crust, gooey potato layer and the cheese oozing out as you take a bite into them.

Mirchi Pakora, Stuffed Green Chilli Fritters
Simple, spicy pleasures of life! Crispy outside, gooey inside and oh so good !
Weekend teatime asks for something special – stuffed green chilli fritters and masala chai. Or serve it as part of tapas platter or movie night finger food.

Baked Lemon Basil Potatoes
What’s not to love about potatoes doused in zingy, peppery, aromatic sauce, baked till gooey inside and golden crisp outside.

Mac n Cheese Lunch Muffins
Rich, tender and gooey bites in muffin cups, topped with spicy homemade Pizza Sauce and pickled green chilli peppers…now that’s something to look forward to alongside the game.

Aloo Channa Papdi Chaat, Potato Chickpea Salad with Wafers
This healthy, filling and SO delicious snack/salad is a hallmark of Punjabi street food that you can easily make ahead. It has all the munch, crunch, spice and juiciness that you can wish for in one bowl!

Aloo Tikki Chaat, Potato Patties Salad
It’s warm and cool, sweet and spicy, gooey and crunchy at the same time. A salad, a snack, a light meal and fun food all rolled into one dish.

Mixed Vegetables Chickpea Cakes
Savoury, spicy, crispy, these delicious cakes are loaded with the goodness of seasonal vegetables and chickpeas.

Rainbow Sandwiches
Taste the rainbow of flavours in these colourful sandwiches made with all natural ingredients – no artificial food colours and bottled sauces added.

Vada Pav, Vegetarian Sandwich
It’s astounding how many layers of flavours this simple looking sandwich has; there are *spices, herbs, lemon, chillies, the gooey comfort of mashed potatoes and the crispy fried gram flour crust – all encased in one little sandwich

Beets and Cheese Tacos
Looking for handy, yummy and easy game day recipe? Beware, you’ll fall in love with these tacos. This vegetarian version of tacos is colourful, robust and choke full of nutrients.

Deep Dish Chocolate Caramel Cookie
It’s huge. It’s golden crispy on the edges, chewy gooey inside and a heavenly combination of chocolate and caramel in each warm mouthful. Did I mention, it’s huge?!

Peanut Sesame Brittle
Super simple yet utterly addictive! The crunch and munch of glistening gold bar of hardened caramel, bejewelled with toasted peanuts and sesame seeds, flavoured with a hint of salt, red chilli flakes and a few aromatic spices.