Believe It Or Not, Summer Is Here!

Sattu ka Sharbat means an instant nostalgic return for me to the summer of my graduation year. While I was studying for my final exams in the never ending, smouldering summer days, my father kept supplying me these very cooling and energizing drinks.

With an extended lockdown due to COVID-19, most of the human population has stayed indoors this Spring of 2020. One of the amazing results is reduced heat and pollution. We’ve enjoyed a very pleasant Spring in Lahore with evenings bordering on the cooler side this year. But summer has arrived, quite late though, just this week, end of May, which is rather unusual for Lahore. So finally, the most dreaded time of the year is here. With the temperature suddenly spiking to 43° and still rising, cool drinks are in high demand again.

Natural Is The Best:

Soft drinks and energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine. Moreover, instead of hydrating, they act as diuretics which means that they might quench the thirst momentarily but take away water from your body instead of adding to it. Instead of guzzling down empty calories from colas and other carbonated drinks, why not try beating the heat with traditional and natural beverages like this Sattu ka Sharbat!

What Is Sattu?

Sattu ka Sharbat has been a summer favourite in South Asia for centuries. You can call it the local version of lemon barley water. It’s made from roasted, ground barley, dissolved in cool water, it is very refreshing with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of organic brown sugar (shaakar) or jaggery. In Pakistani Punjab, this sweet version is most popular because the ingredients are inexpensive and readily available in rural areas and small towns.

On the other side of the border, a salty version made with roasted gram flour and cumin seeds is also common. Basically, a flour made from roasted and finely ground cereals, pulses or even nuts is used to make sattu ka sharbat. And the drink can be made sweet or salty, just like lassi (yogurt drink).

Some Cool Reasons To Drink Sattu Ka Sharbat This Summer:

Whether you make sattu ka sharbat with roasted gram flour or with roasted barley flour, it will be a very healthy and nutrient rich addition to your summer routine. Both grams and barley have been acknowledged as superfoods by health gurus everywhere.

Roasted barley improves blood circulation and drinking it in water daily can avert health problems related to poor blood circulation including cardiac arrest, kidney failure and dementia. It is rich in insoluble fibre which lowers cholesterol levels and regulates bowel movement.

Gram/chickpea flour is higher in protein than other flours. Chickpeas are an ideal protein source for vegetarians, as they provide nearly all of the essential amino acids. The high amount of antioxidants  fights cancerous growths and helps keep the heart healthy.

Both flours are very good source of fibre which makes these drinks very filling, quite like a complete meal. So if summer heat has taken away your appetite, you can not only stay hydrated but also nourished with just a glass of sattu ka sharbat for breakfast or lunch. You can mix the two flours too for this super energizing drink.


For Sweet Sattu Ka Sharbat

2 tablespoons roasted gram or barley flour

1 tablespoon organic brown sugar/ jaggery/honey or to taste

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 glass cold water

For Salty Sattu Ka Sherbat:

2 tablespoons roasted gram or barley flour

Sat to taste

1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin seeds powder

2 tablespoon lemon juice

1 glass cold water.

This Is What You Do:

According to your preference, add dry ingredients to a glass, add cold water, squeeze lemon juice.

Stir till the sattu, salt/sugar completely dissolves.

You can also add every thing to blender with ice cubes and blend to make a slush.

Enjoy.  Yes, it’s as simple as this!

Makes 1 serving

3 Replies to “Sattu ka Sharbat, Roasted Barley Drink”

  1. Lovely, some food brings so much fond memories. You are so right about barley and gram flour ka sattu. Thanks for sharing both the recipes salty and sweet one.

  2. Love sattu ka sharbat and even I too have fond memories of making this and gulping down the glasses of chilled drink during summer vacations.. how sensibly ancestors have included ingredients in our cuisine which go perfect with season and nourish the body accordingly!!

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