Paratha is the most popular form of bread in South Asia which is basically a fried flat bread.
I can eat parathas every single day of the week …who wouldn’t fall in love with a hot, crispy golden bread that has soft and buttery layers inside. But the problem is that all those layers are little pockets of fat and the golden crispness also results from frying in oil. So this is something I reserve for special occasions, weekends and whenever I feel like pampering myself.
It tastes divine on its own with just a cup of tea or plain yogurt but some spicy curry or pickle adds to the fun. Use it as a wrap for rolls or add any filling of your choice between two layers of uncooked paratha, seal them together with a little water and fry for delicious stuffed parathas.

For Paratha, Fried Flat Bread:

Food Processor( not blender)
3 cups whole wheat flour
1+1/2 cups iced water
Extra flour for dusting
Rolling pin
Skillet or Tawa
1+1/2 cup ghee or vegetable oil for brushing and frying

This Is What You Do :

Place flour in the food processor, close the lid. Start the processor on high speed, start pouring iced water in a thin stream slowly through the opening in the food processor lid. By the time you finish pouring all 1+1/2 cups of water, the dough should have formed a neat ball . Turn the processor off. The whole process takes maximum 2 minutes.
Take the dough out of the food processor, keep it covered with plastic wrap in the fridge till you need to use it. It can be used for two days if its refrigerated.
Or you can mix the flour and water by hand, add water to the flour a little at a time till it comes together. Knead for 5-6 minutes or till the dough is pliable and elastic but firm…don’t let it go too soft or it will be difficult to roll out, cover till its required.

Divide the dough into equal portions, dust the work top generously with flour. Make dough balls, slightly smaller than the tennis ball, by rolling the dough between your palms.
Roll out each dough ball into a 5-6 inch diameter, brush with oil/ghee. Fold into half, brush again with oil and fold one corner in, again brush with flour and fold the other corner on top of it. This will give you a squarish dough ball with many layers.
Or you can fold any other shape but keep brushing with oil after every fold. Roll out again.

Heat a skillet/tawa on medium heat, add two tablespoons oil to it. Cook the paratha on skillet/tawa till golden and crisp with brown spots on both sides.

Keep covered with a tea towel. Serve hot with yogurt, butter, potato curry or fried lamb mince.

Makes 10 parathas

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