I prepared this collection of Meat Lovers Recipes on the request of some friends, especially for Eid ul Adha. But celebrating Eid or not, if you love meat, you will definitely enjoy these recipes.

Eid ul Adha is an effort to transcend notions of self and false attachment to the material realm. The meat from Qurban/sacrifice is divided in three equal parts – for the home, for relatives, friends and neighbours, and for the indigent.

Three days of gatherings with family and friends; three days of cooking and eating; and more than that three days of sharing and caring.

Namkeen Gosht
This rustic and simple recipe with very few spices is mild in flavour but very indulgent. For Namkeen Gosht  click here.

Raan Dumpukht
Sounds intimidating and laborious but believe me, it’s the easiest and most foolproof of dishes to cook at home to wow your guests. For
Raan Dumpukht recipe click here.

Khara masala gosht
Want something special and uber delicious without slaving in the kitchen for hours. This one pot, finger-licking-good dish is just the thing for you!
For Khara masala gosht recipe click here.

Rogan Josh
A traditional recipe from the rich and indulgent Kashmiri cuisine with layers upon layers of flavours and lots of delicious masala to scoop up with naan.
Rogan Josh recipe click here.

Tawa Chaanp Who doesn’t love chops, really! These falling of the bone tender, coated in a delicious spicy sauce chops will instantly become your new favourite.
Tawa Chaanp recipe click here.

Lamb Almond Korma Nothing can beat the taste of tradition. Korma is not only a royal and scrumptious dish but a cultural icon of Muslim cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. For
Lamb Almond Korma recipe click here.

Paya Shorba A heartwarming, utterly delicious, soupy curry made with lamb fritters. You won’t be able to resist a second, even a third helping. For
Paya Shorba recipe click here.

Tawa Kaleji
A fast and flavourful stir fry, loaded with protein and nutrients. It can be served for breakfast, as a starter or side. For
Tawa Kaleji recipe click here.

Another gem from Kashmiri recipe repertoire. I love this one especially because of the easy prep and fabulous flavour. For
Chokhta click here for recipe.

Kabuli Pulao
And finally a classic rice and meat dish from Afghanistan that will become the star of the show with its rich taste and colourful garnish. Something not to be missed! For
Kabuli Pulao recipe click here.

Enjoy the 10 best Meat Lovers Recipes and don’t forget to give your feedback!

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  1. Wow, what a feast for a meat lover like me! Now with just the kids and me, I can go a whole week and not have any meat, so this is heaven for me! Happy Eid, Maria!

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