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Matcha is stone ground green tea and an integral part of traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Other than being used to prepare hot beverage, in contemporary Japanese cuisine, matcha serves as natural flavour and food dye in noodles, shakes, ice creams, breads and desserts.

Matcha contains a lot more antioxidant than blueberries, dark chocolate and other green teas. It reduces stress, regulated hormones and revitalises the body.

I used the beautiful green matcha powder to whip up some frozen yogurt. It had a mild tangy, astringent flavour with a lingering sweetness…very light and refreshing afternoon snack or dessert to finish off an elegant meal.

For Matcha ( green tea) Frozen Yogurt :

1+1/2 cup thick yogurt
2 teaspoons green tea powder
4 tablespoons icing sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice
A few mint leaves, finely chopped
a pinch green food colour ( optional)

This Is What You Do :

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly using a balloon whisk or food processor and pour into an airtight, freezable container.
Freeze for three hours, then mix again.
Repeat this process two more times, every three hours or till the yogurt achieves the desired creamy consistency.

If using an ice cream machine, follow the directions on the manual.

Makes 2 scoops

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