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10 Quick and Easy One-Pot Recipes Pakistani Cuisine - Maria Nasir

  • 10 warm and richly flavoured, but essentially uncomplicated one-pot recipes from Pakistani cuisine
  • gluten-free
  • special section on tricks and shortcuts to save time in the kitchen

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About This Book:

This cookbook is a selection of my favourite recipes from Pakistani cuisine that are warm, inviting and richly flavoured, but essentially uncomplicated.

These recipes are dedicated to all young mothers, working women and people who want to make eating healthy, home-cooked food a permanent part of their life style, and still have a life outside kitchen.

In the end of this book you’ll find a special section where I share with you all the tricks and shortcuts I’ve learnt through the years to save time in the kitchen.

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Genre: Cookbook
Format: EBook (.epub, .pdf)
Pages: 77 (tablet, landscape)
Language: English
Publisher: Gill Andrews
First edition:

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