There Is Nothing Like Yogurt Based Summer Coolants!

Yogurt drink variations are popular in many cultures for their health benefits, cooling effect on body and of course deliciousness. Yogurt is a staple in Persian kitchens and influence of Persian culinary traditions is very strong on South Asian food and drinks.

In the Indian subcontinent, especially Punjab, lassi is a staple drink. There are sweet and salty versions, and then more recent fruity flavours, like mango and strawberry lassi. For more South Asian Drinks, check Imli Aloobukharay Ka Sharbat and Sattu Ka Sharbat.

How Is Doogh Different From Lassi:

Doogh, or the Persian Yogurt Drink, feels so familiar to taste buds for the very same reason. It’s quite like the salty lassi but with an added boost of freshness and fizz from mint and club soda.

Move towards Afghanistan and the recipes add cucumber as well to the same Irani Doogh. I always add cucumber because I think it enhances the taste and texture and improves the status of the drink as a coolant.

Doogh – A Simple Solution for Simmering Summer:

With days getting warm pretty fast, we love to include this drink in our lunch routine. Also it’s great to serve in outdoor parties, BBQs and picnics. Doogh is cool, simple and a lot more delicious than any smoothie I have ever tasted! Skip adding soda if you are not keen on fizz or want to avoid it for health reasons, instead simply add water.

2 cups yogurt
3 cups water
2 cucumbers grated
2 tablespoons dried mint or 1/4 cup fresh mint
1 cup club soda (optional)
Salt to taste
Lots of ice cubes
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

This Is What You Do:
Add all the ingredients except soda to a blender. Whiz till frothy and thoroughly blended.

Add ice cubes to glasses, pour the drink in glasses. Top with club soda or more water. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, dried rose petals(if available) and ground cumin.

Serve immediately.

Serves 6/

5 Replies to “Doogh, Persian Yogurt Drink”

  1. This is interesting recipe Maria. I have never added soda to a yogurt drink and would love to give this a try. It really looks refreshing

  2. An interesting recipe Maria.. I’m a big fan of any yogurt drink especially the salty ones. Though I know that in the Middle East they have laban, Turkey has Ayran, never thought that Iran and Afghanistan too would have a salty lassi version. I would love to add club soda to at least know how its tastes.

  3. Lovely recipe.. I am going to try this recipe soon..will keep u posted:) This is totally perfect for hot days of summer:)

    1. Oh this one I’m sure you will love! It’s like a splash of cool water on the face on a hot summer day!
      I’ll look forward to your feedback 😊
      Big hugs! 😘

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