Sometimes I think a food processor is a foodie’s best friend in the world…specially when your mind gets obsessed with something particular to cook and eat like a do or die mission.
Well, last evening something in a television commercial ignited this spark in my brain which soon got out of control. I wanted something sweet…that was a gooey, chewy, crusty cookie…something to give company to a good cup of coffee. I scanned all the cookie recipes in my mind and settled for this quick and easy one.

My beloved food processor came to help…I whizzed some crackers in it, then again I grated some chocolate in it. With two of the layers done within 3 minutes, all I had to do now was melt a little butter, open a can of condensed milk and a packet of peanuts. This is all I found in my pantry, you can improvise with whatever you have…walnuts, raisins, coconut flakes, caramel toffees, marshmallows and the list can be infinite.

While the oven continued to heat up, I layered my cookies in the pan. The first batch came out in next 25 minutes…nobody waited for it to cool down enough to cut pieces, we just grabbed forks and dug in 🙂 I saved the second batch till it was cool and firm to cut into neat pieces…after all I needed photographs to share with you guys !

For Chewy Gooey Layered Cookies :

20 graham crackers
1/2 cup butter, melted
2 cups peanuts or any nuts of your choice
2 cups grated cooking chocolate
1 can sweetened condensed milk

These ingredients will make two batches of 8×8 pan ( 24 square cookies)

This Is What You Do :

Heat oven to 175 degrees C. Break graham crackers, process in a food processor till they look like crumbs. Pour butter into an 8×8 square baking pan, top with cracker crumbs, press evenly in bottom of the pan. Spread half of the peanuts over crumbs. Layer chocolate, pour condensed milk over it, top with more peanuts. Bake 25-30 minutes or until just set in places ( coz it will continue to cook for a while even after you have taken it out of oven). Let cool completely, refrigerate for at least 2 hours before you cut them into squares.

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