Ever felt a dessert urgency ? And that too for a particular dessert, nothing else would do?
Last night I was watching a movie and suddenly I was gripped by this very strong desire for a some warm pudding to go with a nice cup of coffee. Tried to convince myself for a while to let go but NO, it had to be a pudding !

I didn’t want to pause the movie till the oven heated up and I made the lengthy preparations for a whole big dessert. That’s why I love mini desserts, not only they save you the guilt of having to finish the entire thing or go for second helpings but are fast and convenient to make.

This microwave version is even quicker, takes only 2 minutes to cook. The texture is not crumbly but more like steamed puddings. If you don’t want to make it in a microwave, you can bake it for 7-10 minutes at 175 degrees C too. Served warm with a big dollop of Greek yogurt, whipped cream, cream cheese or vanilla ice cream, it’s amazing delicious. The aroma brought my elder daughter out of her room and then I made one for her too. She had hers with cream and completely fell in love with it.

Microwaved mug desserts taste best when warm.

For 5 Minutes Mini Carrot Pudding :

1 small carrot, peeled, shredded
1/2 banana
2 tablespoons all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon powdered cinnamon
2 tablespoons sugar
1 egg
A pinch baking soda
A drop vanilla essence
Olive oil for greasing the mug

Suggestions For Topping :

Greek Yogurt mixed with a little honey
whipped cream
cream cheese
Vanilla Ice cream

This Is What You Do :

Add banana, flour, egg, baking soda, sugar, vanilla essence and cinnamon to a food processor.

Whiz to make a smooth batter.

Fold in shredded carrot.

Lightly grease a tall mug.

Pour the batter into the mug.

Microwave on high for 0ne and a half to two minutes, first at 30 seconds, then at intervals of 10 seconds.

The cake will rise a lot while cooking because of the baking soda, it’s better to put a saucer under the mug to save the microwave from any spillage.

Once done, it sinks back in and separates easily from the walls of the mug.

You can easily invert it onto a plate or eat inside the mug.

Eat warm with your favourite topping.

Makes single serving.

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